Molecule 05: our exclusive launch video interview with Geza Schoen

This is quite a day. New fragrances from Escentric Molecules don’t come along very often and we are very proud that The Perfume Society has been invited to mark the unveiling with an exclusive interview (and a prize draw, which you can enter here.)

So, ta-dah! Prepare for an encounter with the fifth duo of fragrances in their incredible collection – Molecule 05 and Escentric 05. Once again, this maverick perfume house is highlighting the technical artistry of synthetic aroma chemicals – this time showcasing Cashmeran. We were lucky enough to catch up with perfumer and founder Geza Schoen, to gain exclusive insight into this stunning duo…

Geza Schoen changed the face of the fragrance industry in 2006, a journey that in fact had begun way back in 1973, within a laboratory at IFF [International Flavors and Fragrances] and the creation of an aroma-molecule non-existent in nature: Iso E Super. Realising that aroma molecules existed that had the radiance and depth to stand alone, Schoen wanted to share this with the world, but the world was not yet ready, and it actually took another fifteen years from him first smelling Iso E Super in isolation to eventually forming his fragrance house.

With each release, two types of fragrances are launched: Molecule, which shows the artistry of the aroma chemical in isolation, and Escentric, a scent driven by the character of the Molecule, that allows the perfumer to play with naturals and other perfume materials, selecting notes that echo and support the original aroma chemical in the most mind-blowing ways.

Escentric Molecules fragrances are now stocked around the world and with a legion of loyal fans, who we know are going to be just as thrilled as we were to smell the NEW duo: Molecule 05 and Escentric 05.

Watch our exclusive interview with Geza Schoen, below, learn about why he chose to showcase Cashmeran in this duo, the inspiration (and smell memories) behind their creation, and how the reaction of a random stranger in a bar first pushed him to create his own fragrances…


So how DO they smell…?

Molecule 05 – ‘Nothing but the molecule Cashmeran pure and singular,’ says its creator. Cashmeran feels comforting, cocooning, whispering a slightly milky, musky softness with an underlying dry woodiness, and a hint of fresh air wafted across moutains and pine forests. This is one to reach for to subsume your skin in utter blissfulness, to feel like wearing a fragrant hug.

Escentric 05 – Geza Schoen explains it best, saying that it’s deceptively simplistic at first, with ‘…bergamot to keep things light, and orange, an ingredient which has an emotional tone to it, bright and happy. It reflects the orange groves that cover this island. Laurel and rosemary are typical Mediterranean plants with a spicy freshness, juniper brings a herbal tonality and cypress is a very dry, pungent wood.’

He continues: ‘The dry-down has two classic Mediterranean ingredients, cistus labdanum and mastic. Mastic is a resin produced by a small tree that grows especially near the sea. It has the clean sharp scent of newly-cut branches. Cistus is a small plant that grows everywhere in the Med. It has a sweet, leathery, balsamic quality which I love. And of course, there is around 15% of Cashmeran – which gives the fragrance its pine-y warmth. I also introduced a subtle fig, both the bitterness of the leaves and the ripeness of the fruit. Figs had to be in there because there is a fig tree by our house on the island. Fig feels authentic to the place, it reminds me of the happiness of summer by the sea.’

Escentric Molecules Molecule 05 £80 for 100ml eau de parfum

Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 £80 for 100ml eau de parfum

The Escentric Molecule 05 duo will be in-store (please check online for up-to-date store opening information) and online at

You will be excited to learn that the two fragrances are available in smaller sizes for on-the-go spritzing: £46 for 30ml cased unit, and £36 for the 30ml refill.

We cannot urge you enough to try both on your own skin – and revel in the meeting place of technical endeavour and creative mastery. Genius at work, for sure…

By Suzy Nightingale

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