Gentlemen take note: Yardley’s 1770 is here.

A Gentleman’s club sets the scene. There’s leather-bound books lining the walls, deep red Chesterfields draped with dapper men and polished Mahogany surrounds a glowing fire. Gin Martinis are being stirred and 1770 is in the air.

The new fragrance from Yardley, 1770, coins its name from the year the House of Yardley was officially established. A tribute to the heritage of the brand, it evokes the modern dandy. A man who dashes current trends to the side. He is impeccably stylish, and effortlessly so.

Starting off with a bang of fig leaves and black pepper, spicy and fresh. It soothes to a heart of cacao bean and cedar with a light sprinkling of florals. But the base is what we’re really here to talk about. It’s classy and sophisticated and classic. It’s all things man. A swirl of patchouli, vetiver, moss and musk that’s immediately alluring and leaves you hankering for more.

Housed in an elliptical bottle with a brown leather closure, and encased in paisley packaging, we can’t wait to smell it on the neck of a suitably dressed Gentleman soon.

Yardley 1770 £19.99 for 50ml eau de toilette
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1770 yardley

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