Further honey fragrances for the hive…

Our theme this month has been honey fragrances, and as you’ll have learned in our first fragrant edit, honey is creating quite the buzz [sorry] in the world of perfumery lately. It can add such a unique character to a scent’s composition. Possessing floral, blossom-y or addictive and even animalic qualities along with the touch of sweetness the synthetic recreation of the aroma offers a perfumer, there really is a honey fragrance for every taste.

Here, we showcase seven further delicious, honey-centric scents we feel our fragrant hive mind of Perfume Society perfumistas would welcome trying…


4160 Tuesdays Honey Jasmine Karma

A blissful blend to whisk you somewhere lovely and conjure sunshine even if the weather’s not behaving, this white floral wafts forth a vegan honeyed aroma for which (as their website delightfully describes) ‘no bee has been bothered’. The sticky sweetness is tempered by a drowsy luminescence that keeps it from being cloying, and the Karmawood™ adds a powdery sandalwood feel that proves incredibly grounding in the dry-down. Instant ‘om’.

From £40 for 15ml eau de parfum




Marc-Antoine Barrois Tilia

Tilia is the Latin name for the linden tree, whose blossom is honeyed, seductive, and surely the true embodiment of summer. Created with Marc-Antoine’s long-time creative ‘accomplice’, Quentin Bisch, this solar masterpiece is dusted with pollen and drizzled with honey, but with the green of leaves, crushed in a palm, and cool vetiver offering welcome shade. It is, we’re told, ‘Simple. Solar. Smiling. The scent… of holidays that never end.’ Oh, yes!

From £105 for 30ml eau de parfum



Redolescent Hive Mind

Redolescent Hive Mind

Picture fresh honey dripping from combs while worker bees fill the air with rhythmic hum, creating a refined and sophisticated aroma. The perfume, a luxurious blend of beeswax, cedarwood, jasmine, and lemon, exudes a classy, gilded warmth. As the scent settles, it connects you to the natural world, grounding you in summer moments and cloudless skies. Not just a perfume; it’s a golden glow for special occasions, a connection to nature, and a tribute to the vital role of bees in our world.

£145 for 50ml eau de parfum in our shop




Paco Rabanne Lady Million

Captivating at first spritz, Lady Million the brightness of neroli is immediately trailed by charismatically seductive orange blossom narcotic jasmine and creamy gardenia pulsing to deeper tones of patchouli and an opulent drizzle of honey melding beautifully with the woody base notes. Amber glows to become all enveloping, a swathe of sweetness that lasts for hours. Presented in a bottle to represent a diamond (and spawning many follow-up fragrances for its huge success) it’s a bestseller for a reason.

£86 for 50ml eau de parfum



Initio Addictive Vibration

Don’t be deceived by the innocent-sounding blend of orange blossom and honey in Addictive Vibration: this is seriously naughty…Unveiling a body of lustful scent in ‘a magma of flesh and fiery blend of musk and honey. Addictive Vibration captivates with its heart of orange blossom and vanilla orchid.’ Well golly, this is a steamy scent and will certainly get pulses racing. As they say… ‘The bodies succumb to arousing waves of attraction lingering in their wake, a trail of carnal dependance.’ Wear with caution at the supermarket, then!





Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal

Fusing the sparkle of blood orange, gilded honey, patchouli and gardenia to a musky base reflects the light and shade found in ‘the endless fun of Paris.’ At first the gardenia shines through, diffusing the honey as though backlit by golden sunshine and punctuated with the darkly glimmering juice of a fleshy blood orange. As the sun dips lower, the patchouli comes out to play, weaving a honeyed, chypre trail that still billows with the gardenia’s flirtatiousness.

From £62 for 30ml eau de parfum


Kajal Joorie

‘In working on the creation of Joorie,’ says founder Moe Khalaf, ‘ I kept having flashbacks to the farmhouse where my family would go during our summer holidays.’ Here we are invited to relive the halcyon days via ‘berries, figs, jasmines, petunias, chamomiles, and lavender’ plus fresh wild honey eaten while gazing blissfully at the sky, surrounded by the hazy buss of bees and smiling in the sunshine. Woven throughout is Moe’s favourite rose bush, the velvety petals now dipped in honey for us to enjoy, here.

£186 for 100ml eau de parfum


Written by Suzy Nightingale

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