Miller Harris - La Fumée Ottoman

Perfumers / Noses

Lyn Harris

  • arabian
  • middle eastern
  • woody
  • rose
  • smoky
  • oud
  • amber
  • myrrh
  • balsamic
  • intense
  • warm
  • voluptuous
  • velvet
  • incense

Family: Oriental Spicy

Concentration: Eau de parfum

Top notes: cardamom, rose, cumin

Heart notes: incense, cedar, patchouli, myrrh

Base notes: rose maroc, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean

Miller Harris says:

La Fumée Ottoman is an ode to Constantinople, the crossroads of East and West. A modern tribute to the incense road of antiquity, a trade route along which precious resins were transported to Mediterranean ports.

Arabian frankincense and sweetly balsamic myrrh blend with the unmistakable scent of cumin and the plush velvet of deep Turkish roses. Cedar, mixed with a dense vanilla, provides tinder for the smoke.

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