Manos Gerakinis - Sillage Royal

  • strong
  • woody
  • cardamon
  • cedarwood
  • curcuma
  • oud
  • musk
  • patchouli
  • balsamic

Family: Floral

Concentration: Please select

Top notes: smoke , cardamon, saffron, curcuma

Heart notes: persian rose, patchouli, cedarwood, oud

Base notes: musk, amber notes, balsamic

Manos Gerakinis says:

Sillage Royal is Manos Gerakinis’s first fragrance, which was originally created for himself and took nine months to complete. He cared to use the most exquisite and quality raw materials in order to create a statement fragrance with apersonality. Longevity and quality became the key values of the brand. The influence of Manos Gerakinis hometown, Kavala, is prominent in Sillage Royal which is a woody oriental fragrance. The city was part of the Egyptian-Otoman Empire for hundred of years, while being powerful in the production of tobacco.

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