Mihan Aromatics - Guilty Story

Perfumers / Noses

Julia Brown & Joshua Mihan

  • irresponsible
  • sugarcane
  • cedarwood
  • lustful
  • sandalwood
  • guaiac wood
  • leading
  • saffront
  • gregarious
  • bergamot
  • lime
  • vanilla
  • nagarmotha

Family: Ambrée Amber

Concentration: Parfum/extrait

Top notes: bergamot, lime

Heart notes: saffron, guaiac wood

Base notes: cederwood, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, amber

Mihan Aromatics says:

Intent on getting lost in heady afflictions. Richly rubbery, stubbornly unattainable, inviting to touch. Hot like a sun-licked car bonnet yet smooth like the inside of an oyster shell. A familiar scene that’s hard to catch and harder to forget. Volatile of its own volition. Piquant, irreverent and sort of troubled.

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