Miller Harris - Étui Noir

Perfumers / Noses

Mathieu Nardin

  • smoky
  • balsamic
  • woody
  • leather
  • citrus
  • Haitian vetiver
  • suede
  • leather
  • intriguing
  • powdery
  • dark
  • dusky
  • evening
  • night time
  • date night
  • intense
  • sexy

Family: Woody Leather

Concentration: Eau de parfum

Top notes: bergamot, tangerine, elemi

Heart notes: iris butter, incense, cashmere wood, styrax

Base notes: patchouli, vetiver, leather, amber, birch, labdanum

Miller Harris says:

Etui Noir is like a well-worn leather jacket shared by lovers with comforting flashbacks of each other.

As deep as the night, with purple skies and flashing city lights, capturing the sensuality of leather.

The sweet and suede-like leather accord is supported by the fragrant and balsamic depth of incense, creating intrigue through its smoky character. Softened by the woods and powder of iris, whilst Flashes of bright light from vetiver, tangerine and bergamot represent the city, a highlight against an otherwise dusky fragrance of the deep night.

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