What The Nose Knows: The Science of Scent in Everyday Life

What The Nose Knows: The Science of Scent in Everyday Life, by Avery Gilbert.

You don’t have to be a science geek to be fascinated by this book, by a US-based psychologist, smell scientist and entrepreneur. It distils the science of olfaction into highly entertaining, easy-to-understand language, looking at everything from Sigmund Freud’s thoughts on smell to (he was ‘not a big fan of the nose’) through to musings on whether composer Richard Wagner or poet Emily Dickinson (who shared a passion for flowers) was the bigger scent freak and even looks at Andy Warhol’s ‘Scent Museum’. Avery Gilbert investigates the role of aroma and olfaction in modern culture and marketing, but also explores the olfactory sense itself – confirming our own belief at The Perfume Society that if trained correctly, the human nose is almost as sensitive as the nose of many different animals, including dogs. Bust some myths by getting your hands (and nostrils) on this.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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