Perfumes: The A-Z Guide

Perfumes:  The  A-Z Guide, by Dr. Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez.  Originally a biophysicist, Luca Turin became fascinated by the idea that different smells ‘vibrate’ at different frequencies – and became so bewitched by his explorations in perfumery that he left the world of academic science behind, blogging and writing about fragrances.  He teamed up with Tania Sanchez (now his wife) for this critique of over 1500 different fragrances – reviewed entirely subjectively, so Luca and Tania hate some, love others, and compose their own shortlist of ‘true classics’.  There’s a shortish practical section at the front (about fragrance families and some Frequently Asked Questions) – but the writing’s brilliant in the body of the book, and makes you want to rush out and track down plenty.  (While leaving wearers of some of the ‘one-star’ scents feeling a little insulted, perhaps…)  Chocolat author Joanne Harris’s review read:  ‘I loved it and bought it for all my friends… Very likely my favourite book of all time!’, and we agree:  a great book for a perfume-loving friend.


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