Luca Turin Folio Columns 2003-2014

Folio Columns, by Luca Turin

Scientist, perfume critic, author of The Secret of Scent and co-author of Perfumes: the A-Z Guide – a book that turned many thousands of readers into fragrance fanatics – Luca Turin is a busy man. Now we can read another of his creative outlets, collected together for the first time. Writing two widely admired columns for a distinguished Swiss magazine called NZZ Folio, Turin discussed all things sniff-able (from Blue Stratos to Mitsouko), even describing the smell of a particular Air France jet. In a section entitled “Either/Or” he acted as a kind of agony uncle for the indecisive – helping readers explore the rather peculiar merits of such subjects as heels vs. flats, trains vs. trams, or Captain Nemo vs. Captain Haddock. Yes, really! Every page has something to intrigue – always written in his inimitable and wryly humorous style no matter what the topic, it’s absolutely full of passionately held opinions both aesthetic and scientific,  and fully embracing culture high and low. Previously, the columns were only intermittently available in English, so this is not only the first time they have been gathered together en-masse, but also the first time many have been published in English at all. Including a foreword written by his wife and co-author of Perfumes: the A-Z Guide, Tania Sanchez; this is an invaluable and totally immersive experience for your e-book reader (now also available in paperback format).

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