Four Fragrant Mysteries

Four Fragrant Mysteries, by Sarah McCartney

4160 Tuesdays founder and perfumer Sarah McCartney successfully “crowd-funded” a project to create four new scents that truly had a story to tell. On the website IndieGoGo, she asked the perfume loving public to pre-order the fragrances so they could afford the expensive ingredients to make them. Uniquely, each of the Four Mysteries scents came with its own 1930’s “cosy crime” inspired story when you purchase the 100ml size bottle, but now the paperback is published to purchase alone. The Search for Flora Psychedelica – a tale of botany and skulduggery; The Mystery of The Buddhawood Box – Horatio Kimble had sailed for Australia to seek his fortune. Twenty years later, his lawyers invite the relatives to a meeting; Up the Apples & Pears – Cissy and Dotty Shuttleworth defend their London pub from an unscrupulous property developer, and Captured by Candlelight – when the lights go out at Dolderbury Hall a portrait goes missing, but which one was it? A concept as quirky and delightful as the fragrances themselves, we loved snuggling up with this book of scent-inspired sleuthing.

Publisher: 4160 Tuesdays Limited




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