Dior La Collection Privée

Dior La Collection Privée, with text by Elisabeth de Feydeau.

Truly one for the perfumista’s coffee table, this. But although it was published in 2016, we do have to point out that it is already somewhat démodé as the original and exquisite La Collection Privée fragrances have been regrouped under the umbrella of Maison Christian Dior, with several fragrances renamed (Gris Montaigne, for instance, is now known as Gris Dior), and others in the collection now discontinued. (Audible sobs from The Perfume Society office…) Don’t let that put you off, however: this large-format book remains is a glorious exploration of Dior’s perfumed history, with the histories and stories of each of the creations recounted by François Demachy, set in a historical context by Elisabeth de Feydeau (France’s leading fragrance writer), and expressed via the most glorious, wallowable-in imagery of flacons and ingredients.

Publisher: Assouline

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