British Perfumery – A Fragrant History

Published by the esteemed British Society of Perfumers, this stunning tome is dedicated to the fascinating history of British Fragrance (dating back to the 16th century) while taking you on a journey through their heritage, famous clients (including royalty) and following the scented trail right through to the great British houses carrying the fragrance flag today, and in to the future… Formed in 1963, the British Society of Perfumers came together as a way of helping individual perfumers improve their status and deserved recognition as leading lights of the creative output this country offers the world. Celebrating the profession past and present while marking their own 50th anniversary, the book was conceived by their President – John Bailey – working with contributors Helen Hill, Yvonne Hockey and Matthew Williams. Beautiful, packed full of facts and endlessly delve-in-able, we think it’s definitely one to place on a coffee-table to have your guests swooning…

At British Society of Perfumers

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