Fragrances with the power to build peace

If you’re unfamiliar with The 7 Virtues, let us start by telling you their key ethos is to create and promote peace. We’re not referring to the healing power of scent here, but the fact they have – quite incredibly – used fragrance to empower farmers in war ravaged countries.

Afghanistan, Haiti, The Middle East, Rwanda, you name it – Barb and Co. have successfully persuaded a large number of farmers to abandon illegal poppy trade in favour of orange blossom and rose crops and in turn, have used the organic oils to create a fantastic collection of signature scents.

This truly inspiration tale began with a promise Barb made to her friend after he was wounded while serving in Afghanistan. ‘I promised Captain Greene I would take on his mission of economic empowerment in Afghanistan while he healed,’ she explained.

‘I realised I didn’t have a way, so I created a new way. I buy the legal orange blossom and rose oils from farmers to support and encourage them to stop growing the illegal poppy crop and I make perfume with it. This partnership with Selfridges will help us greatly on our mission to ignite a cavalry of businesses to come and do trade with nations rebuilding to reverse issues of poverty and war.’

And so, the first scent Afghanistan Orange Blossom came to life in 2010 – followed by Noble Rose of Afghanistan, Vetiver of Haiti and Middle East Peace.

The 7 Vitrues, £54 for 50ml eau de parfum
Try them at: Selfridges

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