Fragrances in Imperial Russia

We’re thrilled to share with you this fragrant event from one of our subscribers Olga Petrouchenko – that as a follower of The Perfume Society – we think you’ll really enjoy…

Date: Monday 29th April 2019 – 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Venue: Pushkin House, 5A Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2TA

In collaboration with Atkinsons we invite you to discover fragrances of Imperial Russia. It is the first of three events dedicated to the history of the Russian perfumery and will cover the time frame between 1843 and 1921.

What perfumes did the last Russian Royal family use? What do the French perfume icon Chanel no 5 and the Soviet Krasnaya Moskva have in common? What ingredients were used for fragrances in the 19th century Russia? We will answer all these and many more questions on the 29th April.

Who were loyal Russian clients of English brands like Atkinsons and Floris?

We will also speak about perfumers who worked in Russia: Henry Brocard, Alphonse Rallet, Alexander Ostroumov, Adolphe Sioux and will even try some of the vintage perfumes.

A glass of prosecco and a goody bag are included in the ticket price.

SPECIAL PRICE for groups (minimum 4 tickets).

The tickets are non refundable.

NB This is not an event held by The Perfume Society, rather organised by Olga Petrouchenko. 

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