Fragrances For… special occasions

Now party season is kicking off in earnest (really for the first time in forever, it seems) we’re reaching for fragrances that sparkle, perfumes with a bit more pizzazz, and scents that really set the tone for special occasions of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if its some ultra-glam event or simply a get-together with friends – seek out these to feel frivolous (and FUN!) again…



Amethyst Haze
Joining the bejewelled Gems line-up is this appropriately amethyst-toned flacon which, inside and out, takes inspiration from the purple semi-precious stone of its name. The striking, sophisticated Chypre opens with a nose-tingling burst of pink pepper, along with cool cardamom and soft lavender, its heart of cacao and a touch of liquorice of mellowing to creamy woods and a purring patchouli note. Perfect for dressing up and – hallelujah! – going out-out, again.
£235 for 100ml eau de parfum


My Way Intense

Amplifying the original invitation to encourage meaningful encounters, be carried away on the fragrant breeze to Egypt via heavenly orange blossom, and India by way of a luxuriously velvety tuberose. Swagged with heady blooms, the creamy New Caledonia sandalwood smooths to an addictively voluptuous base of Madagascan vanilla. With consciously sourced ingredients, refillable bottle, and a commitment to reduce their environmental footprint, it’s also an invitation to be bolder, authentic, kinder.
£60 for 30ml eau de parfum



Invite Only Amber | 23

Succulent cherries are dipped in Provençal honey, rolled in roasted hazelnuts, and wrapped in rose petals. Plumes of smoke and rich amber provide a textural contrast to the scent’s character, and a hypnotic trail you’ll be willingly entranced by. We imagine wearing this while reclining on velvet cushions, dressed in something scandalous and having poems read to us. A decadent feast for the senses (even if actually worn to the supermarket).
From £23 for 10ml eau de parfum




Oud & Spice

The oudh pulsing at the heart of this addition to the Signatures of the Sun Collection is the finest quality available, sourced from Laos, and renowned for its seductive roundness. Opening with the citrus freshness familiar to AdP-lovers, together with a rosy freshness, this rarest of woody essences is then spiced intriguingly with pink pepper, cloves and cinnamon, mellowing as it’s skin-warmed to reveal earthy patchouli and dry, resinous labdanum. Rich, intense, very wearable.
From £199 for 100ml eau de parfum




Ralph’s Club

Everyone should have something in their wardrobe that’s not only perfectly tailored and fitting for every occasion, but somehow feels classic and contemporary at the same time. Ralph’s Club is exactly that kind of fragrance, and the most naturally distilled scent the hiuse have yet produced. Crisp apple and sharp grapefruit are balanced by aromatic lavandin, the smooth allure of Virginian cedarwood the perfect finishing touch. More than your ultimate accessory, it’s part of who you are.
£64 for 50ml eau de parfum

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