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Fragrance launches we are loving!

Welcome to your weekly rundown of some of the new fragrance launches that we are loving this week. With a range in prices and scents, there will be something here that may take your fancy. Get yourself to your nearest counter pronto!

Conjuring feelings of holiday romances with bright, carefree summer days, CH L’Eau is set to place a contented smile on your face. Mouthwatering, pulpy, blood oranges are squeezed, with other bright citruses, over red tea, for an elegant comforting finish. Less saccharine juiciness, more vibrant freshness – and all soothed by the calming, aqueous red tea, sitting on a richer bed of cedarwood and patchouli. A floaty fragrance that feels light, radiant – and just easy.
£58 for 50ml eau de toilette

Everything about this new eau de toilette incarnation of bestselling La Vie Est Belle sparkles, from the cut glass faceted bottle and its shimmering ‘scarf’ to the brightness of the scent itself, with luminous elements of mandarin, bergamot, tea, neroli, sambac jasmine and orange blossom absolutes soften to iris concrete, Ambroxan and iris concrete. But with Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo as its perfumers, we’d have expected nothing less than full-on dazzle.
£56 for 50ml eau de toilette

Map of the Heart have consistently surprised and delighted us with their striking compositions – and White Heart has our own hearts pulsing. Lavender, aldehydes and cardamom combine for a bracing, ethereal, enlivening top. Salted plums are then laid atop a bed of creamy gardenia and whispers of the honeyed, resinous scent of olibanum, while their signature Australian sandalwood can be found dancing in the dark with rich, natural oudh and vetiver. Truly, a scent to mesmerise.
£150 for 90ml eau de parfum

Bergamot, pear and pistachio revive flagging spirits, almond milk, orange blossom and magnolia soothe frayed nerves and creamy, patchouli and tonka beans settle to a solid, sandalwood base. In a flacon resembling an energy drink, crack open a can of whoop-ass with this girl-power inspired scent that will, they say, ‘leave you ready to face anything the day throws at you.’ With Babe Dreams and Babe Oud also just unveiled, why not make yours a triple?
£28 for 80ml eau de parfum
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Nervous of the word ‘oudh’? Fall in love with this notoriously potent ingredient, for Amouroud blend Middle Eastern aesthetics with refined classic perfumery techniques. Seriously smooth and loaded with spicy smokiness, coriander, ginger and saffron melt seamlessly into a swathe of silken heliotrope. An unctious (yet somehow still aerated) base of oudh, olibanum, amberwood and vanilla is reminiscent of eating a crème caramel in the wood-panelled room of a private members club. Luxuriously moreish!
£166 for 100ml eau de parfum

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