Fragrance inspiration spills over into food: the first ‘perfume bottle’ olive oil

We spent much of Monday last week mooching around ExCel at the Natural & Organic Products Expo (questioning how many energy bar and raw chocolate brands the world really needs!), and were stopped in our tracks by this.

‘What a fabulous perfume bottle!’, we thought.

Except it’s not. It’s an olive oil, from an Italian brand called Fossa di Lupo – and yes, the founders told us, the packaging for their collection of high quality extra virgin olive oils was inspired by the design of fragrance bottles.

‘Why not have something as beautiful on your kitchen shelf as in your bedroom?’, they told us.

Well, quite. (Though while this smells gorgeous, we won’t be dabbing it behind our ears anytime soon.)

Alas, it’s not available here yet – though the interest from retailers at Monday’s show means it should be coming to smart delis near you, sometime soon. But for now, we applaud their excellent taste. (Not to mention flavour.)

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