Floris family launch Private Collection with Harrods

Each edition of The Private Collection celebrates a personal occasion for the heritage fragrance house Floris – or is part of a ‘reserved commission’ for VIP customers. This time, the Floris family (still running the company, seven generations on) has launched two opulent new oudhs, exclusively for Harrods, to commemorate their standing as longest-serving supplier.

This is a multifaceted, Ambrée woody fragrance, with a touch of sweet gourmand. The top opens with honey and vanilla, freshened with bergamot; the middle blends sumptuous, soft ouhd oil, rose and patchouli and then warms into a sweet and smoky base of yet more oudh as well as amber, labdanum, vanilla and musk.

Floris-Honey-Bottle&BoxmrLEATHER OUD
Again, this is an ambrée woody; reminiscent of the way Floris’s fragrance oils were originally delivered in small, leather suitcases. The top opens with fresh – just opened – leather and is combined with a citrusy bergamot accord. The heart blends floral notes of geranium and carnation with patchouli and refined, sustainably sourced oudh. The base adds masculinity with vetiver, oudh and woody amber.

Floris-Leather-Bottle&BoxmrFloris Private Collection £160 for 100ml eau de parfum
Try it at: Harrods

Written by Alice Crocker

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