Floris collaborate with Whiskey brand Kilchoman on the delectable 'Islay'

As part of their covetable By Request range, of which only a mere 150 bottles are poured, Floris have collaborated with whiskey brand Kilchoman, to create the ever-so-moreish, Islay Eau de Parfum.
After becoming interested in a particular Cade oil, Edward Bodenham, 9th generation of British family perfumers Floris, set out to create a fragrance based around this peaty, dry note. Deciding to focus on a scent that conjured up the finest peaty, smoky whiskies.
Now, being a fragrance house so rich in heritage, Floris could have well approached any number of famous Whiskey houses. But instead, choosing a partner that was still an independent, family-run company took precedence. Finding shared values of beautiful craftsmanship, in Kilchoman, the alliance seemed only right.
Named after the remote Scottish isle where the Kilchoman distillery lives (it is the first new distillery to island in over a century), Islay is described as the Queen of the Hebrides. Visiting the distillery on this beautiful remote island, inspired a scent that captures not only the rich flavours of the golden liquor, but that hints of the windswept, rugged mosslands of the land itself. Watch the beautiful short film below to see just some of the magic of Islay, and Edward visiting the distillery.

Top notes: galbanum, bergamot, light smoke
Heart notes: orris, patchouli, cedarwood, amber
Base notes: musk, sandalwood, vanilla
The scent? Dry galbanum sings of the wild greenery of Islay, spiked with a bergamot that represents the opening citruses of the Machir Bay whiskey blend. It starts dry, rich and boozy; opening the whiskey bottle for that first potent sniff, cade oil and patchouli giving it that classic peaty accord.
It soon settles on the skin, to a rather addictive woody blend. Orris adds a smoothness and a subtle floral note, whilst amber and cedar wood gives it depth. Finally a delicate sweetness is added with vanilla, and a musk that makes the final sniff of the scent feel like it has always belonged on your skin. A delectable addition to any neck, we think.
Islay Eau de Parfum £180 for 100ml
Limited Edition run of 150 bottles.
By Carson Parkin-Fairley

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