Take five Latest Launches: florals, spice and all things nice

We love these exciting new fragrance launches from some of the biggest names in perfume. From Lalique’s Electric Purple to Guerlain’s Habit Rouge Dress Code, you’ll find florals, spice and all things nice. Dive in and discover a new favourite!Goutal Chat Perche The Perfume SocietyGOUTAL
Isabelle Doyen’s latest for Goutal Paris taps into childhood memories of a game she used to play, giving Chat Perché its name. Light, fresh, definitely playful, it has sunny-day notes of lemon blossom, nasturtium, sweet pea and soft white musks. One to make you nostalgic for your own early years, for sure – or perhaps for sharing with a young girl, who’s bound to love the embossed cat pattern, which is magnified through the juice.
£66 for 100ml eau de toilette
cologneandcotton.comLalique Electric Purple The Perfume SocietyLALIQUE
Paying tribute to René Lalique’s modernity, a trio of contemporary scents – the others are Sweet Amber and Pink Paradise – infuse the highest quality synthetics with dreamy naturals, embracing the best of both ingredient worlds. Here, Nathalie Lorson balances boysenberry with bitter grapefruit, mint and violet leaves, all nestled on a mossy base. Housed in a streamlined, Deco-inspired bottle that’s destined for dressing table lustfulness, it’s the perfect fruity twist for a modern Chypre.
£190 for 100ml eau de parfum
lalique.comMiller Harris Powdered Veil The Perfume SocietyMILLER HARRIS
A sheer veil of amber wrapped in cashmere – intimate, warm and deeply sophisticated. Powered Veil captures the delicate nature of amber, cloaking the Ambrée note in a blanket of transparent florals. Labdanum has been used to enhance the rich, resinous essence of amber, alongside vanilla and sandalwood draw the sweetness out. Last but not least, musk and cashmeran add a cosiness to the whole fragrance. The result? A scent that softly glows.
£75 for 50ml eau de parfum
millerharris.comSerge Lutens Participe Passe The Perfume SocietySERGE LUTENS
We’re often asked: ‘What are balsams?’ And the answer is resinous saps, tapped from trees and shrubs, which add a warmth and sweetness to perfumery. Canada balsam is the star here, pulsing alongside an unusual note of cumin in the latest enigma from Monsieur Lutens, who ‘was determined to use this fragrance to evoke the time it takes to bring a conscience or story to light.’ Our advice: just get out and smell it.
£160 for 100ml eau de parfum
harveynichols.comGuerlain Habit Rouge Dress Code The Perfume SocietyGUERLAIN

One for the ‘neo-dandy’, as Guerlain put it, dressed up in a red camouflage flacon, this is elegant yet luscious – and oh-so-French. Thierry Wasser has boldly dared to play with Guerlain’s classic Habit Rouge once more, his choice of sparkling top notes introducing the spices familiar from the 1965 original. The woods remain – but are softened, with the ultra-masculine leatheriness in the final sillage softened, unexpectedly, by praline. The result? Decidedly moreish.
£79.00 100ml eau de parfum

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