On the hunt for a new fragrance love? Has a favourite scent been discontinued? Or are you looking for the perfect perfume gift for a friend?

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Simply input a fragrance you already wear/love – or which you know your friend loves – into the form on the right, via the drop-down menu which appears as you type in the name. Click SEARCH.

In just a second or two our ‘virtual fragrance advisor’ will make six suggestions for new fragrances to try, across a range of price-points.

This amazing virtual fragrance consultant has thousands of fragrances stored in its memory bank – but if the scent you wear isn’t on our drop-down list, please e-mail us here and we’ll happily respond with a personal recommendation for six fragrances that you’re likely to love.

If you want to explore a particular brand you could also try searching PERFUME HOUSES in the drop down menu under EXPLORE in the menu bar.