A film about Soap Co – East London's ultimate feel-good fragrance factory

Our latest edition of The Scented Letter just went live – you can read it here, if you’re a VIP and logged in – and in the 60 glossy, perfume-packed pages, we feature a very heart-warming story.
Soap Co is a wonderful social enterprise based in the East End of London, offering employment to over 100 visually impaired and otherwise disabled people. It’s a hive of activity – and a beacon of hope for the workers, who’ve often experienced employment challenges (and even bullying in the workplace), elsewhere. Soap Co’s making very stylish, beautifully fragrance products for bath and body – living up to their mission statement to ‘look good, smell good, do good’.
The world may have gone Black Friday crazy (yup, guilty as charged – our little sale shop is here) – but we also think it’s important to balance this with sharing news of brands which are making a real difference.
Do watch.

To buy their fab products and/or to find out more about Soap Co, visit

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