The fabric of flavour – a collaboration between Angela Flanders, Harris Tweed and Johnnie Walker Whisky

In the next chapter of an ongoing relationship between an award-winning niche perfumer and Johnnie Walker Whisky, Angela Flanders and the renowned drinks brand have teamed up with Harris Tweed to bring you whisky-scented tweed that actually lasts after it’s been washed! Angela selected her warm, whisky-inspired scent – Aqua Alba – to permeate the quality tweed garments: a breakthrough for many fragrance fanatics.

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Each colour of tweed represents the flavours of Johnnie Walker Black Label and is blended with the Aqua Alba to truly convey the charm of the Western Isles. Angela says: ‘I find it fascinating to reflect that some of the most ancient perfume ingredients in the world have now been used to perfume fabric in this modern, almost futuristic way.’

On display in Angela Flanders perfumeries until 31st Jan.

Written by Alice Crocker

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