We’re often asked to point perfume-lovers in the direction of all-natural scents, and are delighted to reveal that Weleda – natural beauty and wellbeing pioneers – have created a trio of ‘Eaux Naturelles’, as they call them. But not only do they offer perfumed possibilities for anyone for ‘green’ beauties; we think they’re deserving of exploration by all perfumistas.

These Eaux Naturelles are light perfumes, similar in concentration to an Eau de Cologne. Weleda explain that the launch of the new fragrances is ‘a natural development of the holistic range, awakening all senses’ – and doing so beautifully, we’re finding.

In Agrume, bright orange sea buckthorn berries illuminate the fragrance, capturing the sun’s rays during a light-filled day. This fresh, vital composition echoes the scent of the Sea Buckthorn skincare range, inviting you to walk through a garden of sun-drenched citrus groves.

The fragrance combines the sharp, energising top notes of grapefruit and mandarin, balanced by the soft mellow complexity of sandalwood, and evokes memories of the carefree feeling of summer on our skin.

Weleda are world-renowned for their environmental and ethical values, and you might like to know that to ensure a sustainable supply of precious sandalwood essential oil, Weleda has invested in an agriculture project for the future: part of a reforestation project in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Making Agrume a true ‘feel-good’ fragrance in more ways than one…

Weleda Agrume is £19.95 for 50ml eau naturelle parfumée
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