Italians are renowned the world over – and throughout the centuries – for their love of the good things in life; and Venetian master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro seeks to continue this tradition with his fabulously evocative collection of scents. Having studied in Grasse and excelled in his classes, Lorenzo worked hard to earn the title of ‘Master Perfumer’ – an honour bestowed on very few (currently fewer than 100 ‘noses’ in the world, in fact) and which denotes the best of the best.

With an eye to the historic past of royal courts and European aristocrats choosing Venice as their pleasure ground, and the unique position this city had in the world of trading exotic goods – the desire here was to capture the delicate sensation of warm, clean skin, soft to the touch…

Creating a sense of being wrapped in a light-as-air cashmere throw, the overall sensation of closeness continues with Damask rose and ylang ylang balanced against the gently powdered suede smoothness of iris. This really is a hug in a bottle…

As the scent dries on the skin it becomes a bouquet of lily of the valley, with whispered herbaceous notes of calming sage and a lightly sparkling touch of Italian bergamot to lift the spirits. The deliciously creamy note of vanilla absolute is the lasting impression, along with the milky-smooth sandalwood that underpins the sweetness and keeps it from dominating.

Sometimes we all need a soothing scent that we can reach for in times of stress, or simply when we want an extra shot of happiness – and Fior di Panna really fits that brief. We can see this working as your go-to fragrance for any time of year – special enough to make you smile throughout the day and gentle enough to caress your skin right through the night…

Lorenzo Dante Ferro £64 for 50ml eau de parfum
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