Created by Alberto Morillas

This latest fragrance from the renowned Italian jeweller is, as they poetically put it, ‘a hymn to the musks which have always been a characteristic of Bulgari’s style in fragrances…’ Perfumer Alberto Morillas sets out to ‘remodel’ musk, creating an interplay of textures, colour and light via the myriad facets of white musk, famed for its sublime softness.

Unusually in a fragrance construction, this note is actually present in the head, heart and base notes, awakening the sensual amber and floral elements in the fragrance. Musk highlights the airy naturalness of orange blossom, alongside the voluptuous qualities of ylang ylang and a cascade of jasmine pearls. In the base, a soft and rounded velvet musk is ‘fanned’ by the carnal sensuality of that amber accord, with an intoxicating trail of golden patchouli and Egyptian papyrus.

To the ancient Greeks and Romans, musk represented celestial light. Natural Tonkin musk was an aphrodisiac five times more expensive than gold. Today, white musk has replaced the original – but retains its sensual warming powers, as this fragrance so exquisitely reveals.

Radiant and alluring, Goldea was created as an ode to Cleopatra – the ‘ultimate icon of light, sensuality and gold’. To complete the showcased in a stunning gold disc-like flacon, designed to make you feel you’re gazing into the heart of a gold drop in which light is reflected.

Bulgari Goldea £37 for 25ml eau de parfum
Buy it at Harvey Nichols

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