The exotic beauty secret of Tahitian women… Annick Goutal Songes Monoï Oil

The softly burnished glow of sun-kissed skin… something most of us dream of, but generally face a reality of blotchy, lizard-like limbs that have spent the winter months sadly swaddled in opaque tights and slowly dehydrating to the texture of parchment.

It is time to get those legs out (and whatever other bits you’ll be showcasing – intentionally or otherwise – during the warmer months ahead), and in order to do this without frightening the public at large, it’s worth spending some time in preparation. A good skin brush or body exfoliator is an essential piece of kit, as is a daily application of something deeply nourishing to the skin.

Body oils are a wonderful way to put back some of that much-needed moisture into the skin, and now Annick Goutal are sharing a beauty secret of Tahitian women – Monoï oil – expertly blended within the Annick Goutal Songes Mon Oil.

Annick Goutal say:’Friend to summer skies, the Songes Tahitian perfumed Monoï is an authentic Monoï from Tahiti. It is the beauty secret of Tahitian women, a blend of tiaré flower and nourishing coconut oil, leaving the skin with a satin sheen and the hair with a silky feel.

A sensual oil, a dreaming scent, a beauty secret…’

Blended with top notes of jasmine, a heart of balsamic vanilla and a beautfully soft amber base, it’s a fragranced oil to apply to body and hair alike – wear layered with your favourite tropical scent or simply on its own, as a way to waft the scent of an exotic island at nightfall. Get glowing, gals…

Annick Goutal Songes Monoï Oil £34 for 100ml
Buy it at Annick Goutal

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