Exclusively for our Perfume Society VIPs: the chance to win a bottle of CREED, signed by both its perfumers

Oliver Creed and his dashing son Erwin (below) – sixth- and seventh-generation family perfumers – breezed through London a while back, to introduce us to the glories of their new boutique on Mayfair’s Mount Street, a dazzling space which you can read about here.
They were also unveiling Royal Princess Oud: the latest CREED creation. As we wrote in The Scented Letter: ‘The challenge to ‘noses’ is to introduce this cornerstone note of Middle Eastern perfumery to the more worldly, globe-trotting younger generation – and to our Western sensibilities. So woody-floral Royal Princess Oud offers the freshness of bergamot, powered out of the bottle on a rush of aldehydes, the delicious softness of iris, benzoin, sandalwood and vanilla, together with floral touches of rose, violet and jasmine. The result? This is oudh at its prettiest – and freshest.’
And now, we are offering our VIPs an exclusive opportunity to win a priceless bottle of the fragrance. Technically it’s £130 for 30ml eau de parfum – but since this box and bottle were signed both by Olivier and Erwin Creed, this is truly a unique collector’s edition. (You can’t see the signatures in this photo, but they signed the sides of the bottle.)
We encourage you to visit the Mayfair boutique (or any of CREED‘s appointed perfumery stockists) to sniff Royal Princess Oud out for yourself – but also to enter your details below, to stand a chance of winning this autographed bottle…
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Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Friday 5th March 2016

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