EAUX LA LA DISCOVERY BOX: Miller Harris L’Air de Rien


A richly evocative blend of foresty oakmoss is woven through with softly sweet musk, swirls of smoky vanilla, warm amber and a hint of Tunisian neroli to cut through this mysteriously hazy and totally addictive blend.

A proudly British perfume house with perfumers trained in Grasse, Miller Harris is a fragrant example of entente cordiale – the very best of both worlds. Originally a bespoke fragrance for iconic actress and style muse Jane Birkin, perfumer Lyn Harris worked closely with Jane in order to create an essence that evoked the nostalgia of dusty libraries filled with leather-bound books.

Obviously Jane’s idea of absolute heaven, we hear that Jane reportedly likes to spray it behind her knees so that she constantly wafts a soft trail behind her as she walks away. (So French, so chic…) We love the intriguingly deep yet surprisingly airy journey this takes on your skin as it settles. And along with leather and paper, there’s something mischievously naughty in the patchouli dry down – perhaps some stolen kisses behind the book stacks…?

Miller Harris L’Air de Rien £65 for 50ml eau de parfum
Buy it at Miller Harris

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