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‘Jardin de vie’ – or garden of life – is not some kind of ‘marketing concept’ for Weleda: they’ve been producing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals using all-natural, organic and sustainable ingredients, farmed within the biodynamic principles of founder Rudolf Steiner, since 1921.

Biodynamics excludes the use of pesticides and chemicals and uses the ‘natural rhythms of the sun, moon and planets to provide guidance on planting, crop rotation and harvesting’ – thus, they believe, producing the best quality of plants and ensuring longevity of natural products.

Finally, after three years of development, Weleda bring us the scents of divine fruits and floral, translated from favourite body care products to a collection of all-natural fragrances. We’re often asked about those – and till now, there’ve been precious few options, so Jardin de Vie is good news for those who can’t or won’t abide synthetics, and for fans around the world who love to layer scents at every stage of their skincare routine.

Marokko Atlas Region Tal der Rosen El Kelaa M' Gouna RosenpflückerinnenTake a walk with Weleda through gardens around the globe…

Floral scents have long been synonymous with romance and this is no exception. Damask rose, geranium and ylang ylang create an uplifting, yet calming, bouquet while the natural oils add intensity. Conjures images of pastel pink roses in a garden at sunset.
Pair with Wild Rose skincare range

Sparkling notes of orange sea buckthorn berries and mandarin give a strong opening of orange peel, grapefruit develops in the heart, while sandalwood makes for an earthy base of shade. Take a book to this garden, walk barefoot in the grass and eat from the sun soaked citrus groves.
Pair with Sea Buckthorn skincare range

Spend the day in this beautifully manicured garden. Water fountains provide a little hum as sweet, fizzy notes of orange are carried on a breeze. Inspired by pomegranate with an aromatic heart of davana and the warmth of vanilla in the base, this fragrance is definitely the most sensual in the dry-down, within Jardin de Vie.
Pair with Pomegranate skincare range

Weleda Jardin de Vie £19.95 50ml eau naturelle parfumée
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By Penny Sheard

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