Eau de Fava Beans…? NBC to launch Hannibal Lecter themed fragrance

Many music, television and film stars have their own perfumes nowadays and people don’t blink an eye at news of their releasing another, but we must admit the latest addition to the celebrity scented cannon had us raising an eyebrow…

NBC‘s hit show, Hannibal – a stylishly produced and urbanely witty prequel to the Hannibal Lecter series of books and films – has announced plans to diversify the usual kind of merchandise offered to devoted fans of the programme. Including a themed fragrance tie-in. Yes, really!

The global brand management firm Evolution has been appointed as the international licensing agency for the drama, and together they plan to launch a wide range of merchandise for the show – reportedly including clothing, accessories, fragrances and even home furnishings – throughout North America and Europe.

Gaumont International Television and NBCUniversal released a statement, just ahead of the second season airing in the United States, in which they waxed lyrical about the show’s popularity and went on to explain their reasoning behind this seemingly extraordinary idea:

“Part of the Hannibal allure is thanks to the haunting yet beautiful universe that Bryan Fuller and his team have created,” Gaumont head of marketing Tim Farish commented. “Evolution understands this universe well and will bring new products to our incredibly loyal and supportive ‘fannibals’ across all parts of the globe with this new licensing agreement.”

The cast of NBC's Hannibal series
Evolution’s president of licensing and retail development, Travis Rutherford, elucidated further, describing Hannibal as “…a sophisticated prequel to the Hannibal books, brought to life with artful writing, stylish direction and photography and a truly talented cast,” adding that the company is “confident that we can deliver to them compelling and unique product in a multitude of categories in support of the upcoming new season.”
No further details of their plans for this Hannibal Lecter-related fragrance have yet been revealed, but we might posit a guess at the notes it may include. Eau de ‘fava beans and a nice Chianti’, anyone…?

All this got us wondering about what other television shows you could theme a fragrance around, and what they’d smell like! Downton Abbey have already released seven scents based on various characters from the programme, but we’re curious to know what YOUR favourite TV show or television character would smell like – let us know your ideas (perhaps steering away from serial killers, do we think…?) on Twitter @Perfume_Society using the hashtag #ScentThatShow.

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