Do not adjust your sets – it really is a perfume! Moschino launch FRESH…

If you have ever mistaken your hairspray for deodorant, you may wish to make sure you have your reading glasses on when reaching for this particular perfume -for under the creative directorship of maverick muse Jeremy Scott, Moschino are fully embracing their celebration of low-to-high culture clashes…

FRESH is the latest offering from the too-cool-for-school fashion house, presented in a bottle that looks identical to many household cleaning products, it follows hot on the heels (literally) of Jeremy Scott-led fragrances contained in flacons shaped like training shoes (for Adidas Originals), and hidden within teddy bears (Moschino’s TOY). Tongues firmly in cheeks has ever been the ethos of Moschino, and here they play on the dichotomy of a designer fragrance that looks at first glance (and perhaps second and third glances, too) like something you’d clean the shower with.

The top notes invoke the freshness factor with zesty mandarin and bergamot going to work on your nose, before a raspberry juiciness and rich ylang ylang accord kick in to make things a whole lot more interesting. It’s wood all the way for the dry-down, but no fear of any furniture-polish flash-backs (that would be taking the fun a little too far!) being pleasingly sheerly chic instead of Mr Sheen.

We love Moschino‘s sense of humour -and the fact they use Linda Evangelista in the ad campaign (looking like the world’s most glamorous cleaner who’s somehow become trapped in a washing machine). A great gift idea, or something to keep on your desk at work and spritz with abandon to utterly horrify your un-knowing work colleagues…

Moschino FRESH from £37 for 30ml eau de toilette
At Selfridges

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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