Watch our Instagram Live interview with Sana Jardin’s Amy Christiansen

We were delighted to welcome Amy – founder of Sana Jardin – as our guest on Instagram Live. This dynamic fragrance figure is looking to change the world, one bottle of perfume at a time.

Amy’s background is certainly unusual, in our glamorous world: a former social worker, her c.v. includes time with the Bill Clinton Foundation and the Cherie Blair Foundation. But she set out to create the world’s first eco-luxe fragrance house, recruiting the legendary Carlos Benaïm as her perfumer. Together, they have created a portfolio of fragrances which has been widely acclaimed, winning the CEW Eco Award, sponsored by Givaudan, in 2018.

A social enterprise which has trademarked the phrase ‘Beyond Sustainability’, Sana Jardin sets out to empower the people who pick the ingredients for its creations – notably, orange blossom, with a co-operative that enables them to create products which repurpose the waste created during flower harvest and distillation.

We put readers’ questions to Amy during the Instagram Live online chat with Jo Fairley – and the film appears on our YouTube channel).

Watch it below…


Read more about Amy and Sana Jardin‘s fragrances here

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