Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger is one of the Great American Success Stories – proof that anything really is possible, with hard work and talent. The self-taught designer’s global style empire began when he was just a high school student, with just $150 and 20 pairs of bell-bottom jeans to sell. His genius: understanding the styles of clothes customers wanted – but couldn’t find elsewhere on the market.

In 1979, Tommy Hilfiger moved from New York State to Manhattan, the epicentre of cool.  He was talent-spotted, and launched his first signature collection in 1985:  button-down shirts, chinos and other American classics.  The debut collection was for men, but womenswear soon followed – and the world fell in love with Hilfiger’s ‘preppy’ style.  The red, white and blue of the Tommy Hilfiger logo – inspired by the American flag – says it all about the spirit of Hilfiger style.

Today, his collections span a whole range of products designed to suit a contemporary lifestyle:  clothing, interiors – and of course, Tommy Hilfiger‘s so-desirable signature fragrances.  ‘The Real American Fragrance’ was released in 1995:  clean, fresh and energetic, and inspired by the American landscape – Florida grapefruit, Midwestern spearmint, Cape Cod cranberry, Atlantic driftwood.  And hints of Dutch apple pie, like Mom used to make. (Because what could be more American than that…?)

Tommy_Hilfiger_Large_logoAnother landmark fragrance was Tommy Girl – fresh and young;  this floral-fruity fragrance is still hugely popular today. With his finger still on the pulse of everything that’s cool, Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with Beyoncé Knowles on a range of fragrances. (Hip-hop and rock musicians just love Tommy Hilfiger, with everyone from David Bowie to Britney Spears via Snoop Doggy Dogg wearing his clothes.)

And the American legacy lives on:  today, the Tommy Hilfiger fragrance house is known around the world for high-spirited fragrances delivering energetic kicks.  And in recognition of the creativity behind this brand, Tommy Hilfiger has also won several FiFi Awards – the fragrance industry’s most illustrious honour…


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