Taylor Swift

TAYLOR_SWIFTShe’s still only in her mid-20s, but country music singer Taylor Swift has sold millions of records, won a slew of Grammy Awards (including as youngest-ever Album of the Year winner, with ‘Fearless’) – and became the only female singer to have two million-selling album opening weeks. In fact, Pennsylvania-born Taylor has risen to become one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Moving to Nashville at the age of fourteen to pursue her passion for country music clearly paid off, then: Taylor began writing songs with country music songwriter Liz Rose after school each week – and the rest is music history.

But a trio of signature fragrances have turned Taylor Swift into a singer-parfumier – and put the singer on the scent map;  at the 2013 Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York, she won ‘Fragrance Celebrity of the Year’. (We bet when she was veiling herself as a teenager in fragrances by Britney Spears, even Taylor never imagined that scenario…)

‘One of my favourite things about creating fragrances is it’s like creating something out of nothing and turning it into something that has its own look, its own name, its own feeling, its own scent, its own vibe to it,’ Taylor Swift‘s said. ‘In that way, it’s a little bit like creating a song. It’s taking nothing and adding idea after idea and honing it down and figuring out what it’s going to be.’

Her debut scent – Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, a sparkling gourmand floral – was, she says, ‘a fantasy, a daydream – and what that would smell like’. In fact, both Taylor’s first fragrances – Wonderstruck Enchanted, an Oriental gourmand, was launched a year later, in 2012 – ‘were more about fairytales and the concept of meeting that special person – being “wonderstruck”.’

But, Taylor added, ‘My fragrances are inspired by my life at the moment I create them – and since I’m older now than I was with the first fragrance, I wanted Taylor by Taylor Swift to be little more sophisticated in its design and in the scent itself but still playful and fun. At this point in my life, my favourite times are spent with my diverse group of friends – it’s all very casual – and those are the moments this fragrance represents. This is more about  my own style, so I wanted the name to be more personal.’ (It was her way of translating classic, yet modern, into a perfume: ‘The floral notes make it timeless and inviting, but it’s also refreshing and unique’.

WONDERSTRUCKThe perfumers who work with Taylor enjoy the creative journey. As Wonderstruck ‘nose’ Olivier Gillotin explained, ‘Taylor Swift is able to capture her audience with heartfelt and honest expressions of her life experiences.  She freely weaves the story of her feelings and those powerful emotions into her songs, through which, she makes an amazing bond with her fans.  Even with a rigorous schedule, she still is very connected to her family, her roots  and has changed country music for a younger generation.  I was inspired by her modern, youthful approach to country music, her dynamic, focused and positive energy.’

And Harry Fremont, the perfumer for Taylor by Taylor Swift – a blossoming floral – observes, ‘Taylor is such a vibrant and dynamic woman, and we wanted to create a fragrance that embodies all facets of her personality – from her sparkly, playful side to her feminine sensuality. The effervescent top seamlessly blends with a feminine middle, featuring some of Taylor’s favourite flowers. The creamy notes of the base have an alluring property that lingers throughout the day.’ (Click on any of the bottles below, to discover all the notes and explore the fragrances in more depth.)

In 2014, Taylor Swift is set to unveil a new perfume. And the smart money says: the fragrant chart-toppers are set to keep on coming…

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