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LYN_HARRISLyn Harris is one of the highest-profile British ‘noses’ out there:  creator of her signature line, Miller Harris, which debuted in 2000.  Lyn trained as a perfumer in Paris for five years and then at Robertet in Grasse (a fragrance ingredient house which specialises in naturals), before launching her signature line.

And yes, Lyn’s very much a lover of those naturals, showcasing them in fragrances which often put individual notes in the spotlight:  zesty lemon, in Citron Citron, cooling green Tangerine Vert, dark and velvety Rose en Noir, with its rich notes of Turkish Rosa Damascena.  Her talent includes an ability to capitalise on the uncanny power of certain smells to evoke particular memories. And her approach? A truly ‘artisanal’ way of creating fragrances…

Scent has been incredibly important to Lyn since childhood. ‘I spent a lot of time in Scotland with my grandparents, who had an amazing garden, full of sweet peas and geraniums. They grew their own vegetables, baked their own bread and made their own jams and I vividly remember those smells. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about that place which opened my senses and those two people, who deeply inspired me, as this sense of nature is very instrumental to how I work now.’

perfumers-library-box4Continues Lyn, ‘I then worked during the school holidays in a perfume shop, which seemed very luxurious – and later on decided to go to Paris to become a perfumer. I set up my own laboratory when still a student and started experimenting to create my style.’

The Perfumer’s Library is an exclusive collection which kicks off with a quintet of scents. Lynn plundered her own archive for this ‘library’, which include fragrances she kept for herself.  Explore La Feuille (2009), ‘the ivy that intertwines around the woods that filled my childhood’. Le Jasmin captures ‘an exotic garden in Morocco, late October just before the sun was falling’ (2010). And we love Verger (1999), which brilliantly evokes ripe apple trees, earthy bark and soil, crisp green leaves and a smoky blue sky.

The idea? To ‘build up a wardrobe of fragrances rather than being restricted to purely one’. ‘The collection expresses my signature style, which is defined by my love of naturals – which I think is really tangible, through my creations’.

Alongside the gorgeous boutiques – the original Miller Harris store in Notting Hill, in newly-groovy-again Covent Garden Mark, and Monmouth Street (Seven Dials, on the edges of Soho) –  the Miller Harris portfolio can be found in some of the coolest perfumeries in the world, from Copenhagen’s Illum department store through to the Areej beauty boutiques and Bloomingdale’s, in the Emirates.

miller harris shopLyn Harris is also an in-demand bespoke perfumer, restricting herself to just four personal fragrances for private clients each year – which makes for quite a waiting list, but some fascinating collaborations. Miller Harris L’Air de Rien was created for Jane Birkin, who had never found a fragrance she really loved – and (unusually) went on to become part of the Miller Harris portfolio, becoming a huge hit and something of a cult, in France.

To read much more about Lyn and her unique approach to fragrance, click here to read her Q+A in our section The Noses





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