Marni_adMarni isn’t just a fashion label:  it’s a mindset – ‘ruled by freedom and instinct’, as they put it. This Italian label was created by Consuelo Castiglioni, who’s still the brand’s lead designer, creating playful, individual fashion with different elements that sometimes clash – yet, somehow, always work…

As she puts it: ‘The Marni woman is a self-confident individual who dresses for herself. She has a sophisticated approach to style, not necessarily fashion-driven, but based on a strong identity and a personal vision. She is curious and always happy experimenting.’

But among the fashionistas Marni‘s fragrance was hotly anticipated – and won instant acclaim. As Conseuelo explains, ‘It’s the olfactory rendition of the playfulness and unpredictability that characterises our collections. It’s at once subtle, individual and bold. A perfume changes slightly from person to person and becomes truly individual.’

Like Marni‘s catwalk designs – which mix proportions, prints and materials – this debut fragrance plays with classic elements in unexpected ways. The result is elegant – but intriguing.  Subtle, too, almost drawing you elegantly in, becoming part of the wearer. (Consuelo likes to describe the Marni signature, in both perfume and fashion, as ‘silent elegance’…)

Marni_dollAnd the fragrance itself, she elaborates, is ‘unpredictably feminine. I chose rose, blonde woods and red spices to be the key notes, because of the olfactory dialogue they create with one another – a counterpoint of dry peaks and feminine curves.’ Those curves were echoed in the bottle: ‘I wanted something at once classic and timeless, yet a bit “off”. I used red for the cap as an accent, and added dots as a screen on the bottle – like a signature Marni print.’ (Quirkily, the purse spray is packaged with a soft, spotty-skirted ‘huggy’ doll, called Bambolina – surely a fragrance first, but echoing the Marni dolls sold in their boutiques ..)

Right from the get-go, Marni went down a storm with fragrance critics and beauty editors. A body range followed – and now Marni Rose, which plays up the rosiness of the original in an intriguing and beautiful way…

‘Seduction for me is not something that you show off. It comes from within, as an expression of inner strength.’ Marni creator and lead designer Consuelo Castiglioni


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