Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 09.28.10Nina Friede is the creative leader behind Friedemodin, a British-based ‘rising star’ perfume house. With a background in luxury brand and product development – and as a woman – she has a true insight into our love for the good things in life. Including fragrance…

Nina was born in Worpswede, a remote but highly creative ‘artist village’ in northern Germany. She grew up surrounded by meadows, springs – generally immersed in nature, which continues to inspire her now. She was captivated by her mother’s love of fragrance and collected miniature bottles, as a child. Becoming a perfumer, she says, ‘was my dearest dream…’

Nina went on to work with a company creating branded ‘amenity kits’ for hotels and airlines, working with brands like Annick Goutal on their first hotel line, Jean Patou, then with Gianfranco Ferre…

As she explained to writer Pia Long for the website Basenotes, ‘That’s how I first truly came into contact with perfume oils and perfumes. One day, I said I’d love to have my own perfume – and it became a real ambition of mine.’

The idea for Friedemodin‘s very first scent, she recalls,  came at the time of the Chelsea Flower Show: ‘I was sitting with a friend (Elisabeth Modin) in a garden in Chelsea on a really nice summer afternoon when the show was on, and all the scents were wafting in. We went to a lot of different parks and gardens and just kept coming back to this idea of something green and wild.’


The pair teamed up to create Friedemodin, launched in 2012, and Nina remaining as the creative lead today. What was essential, from the word ‘go’ was that every fragrance in the collection must tell a story. The man first enlisted to bring these stories alive is François Robert (below): a fourth generation perfumer and a revered name in the scent world, with over 20 years’ experience creating perfumes, a world authority and a professor at Paris’s ISIPCA fragrance school.

FRANCOIS_ROBERTAlongside François Robert in the creative process was Virginie Daniau: formerly with leading fragrance house Givaudan, and a member of the British Society of Perfumers.

And as the fragrances themselves tell you, this was another perfect partnership. Excitingly, renowned Parisian perfumer Thomas Fontaine is now creating a new collection for Friedemodin – so watch this space…

For now, though, there are four Friedemodin creations. So come with us into the ‘enchanted garden’ of Jardin Mystique, a voyage through the seasons in a wild, rich and mystical garden, filled with flowers and herbs, petals and stems, bark and grass – and all in perfect harmony: cut grass paired with bergamot and blackcurrant, jasmine absolute, lily of the valley and leafy notes.

Vertine is like throwing open your curtains to breath the morning freshness, filled with hints of herbs, sense-awakening and spirit-lifting, inviting you to walk barefoot and feel the cool, damp grass beneath your feet – evoked through notes of peppermint, basil, green galbanum, tea rose and fig leaf, with cedarwood and musk in the base.

Rosée de Nuit is the garden as evening falls and the candles are lit, ‘the air laced with warmth, and cut with spice’: top notes of bergamot and cardamom, a heart of violet, pimento berries and – yes – wood shavings, with sandalwood, teak and patchouli tethering with a woody base. Then the dark of the night, lit by flickering flames from the fire: a sleepless night in moonless darkness, conjured up in Feu Follet through notes of coriander and cardamom, nutmeg and lavender, underpinned by leather, amber, moss and patchouli.

FRIEDEMODIN4As if each didn’t sound seductive enough in its own right, Friedemodin‘s fragrances can be layered and combined to make intriguing, custom combinations. (For more about the collection, meanwhile, click here for their rather lovely video.)

Not surprisingly, the fragrances have been sniffed out by cool retailers from around the world – and in the UK, can be found on Freidemodin‘s own website, below. There’s a delicious little sample set, too: the perfect invitation to step into the Jardin Mystique and discover all four fragrances.

At your leisure. Allowing them to dazzle your senses, as Nina dreamed of, while they take you on a journey…


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