With such a name – taken from Britain’s Warrior Queen – there was no way that Boadicea the Victorious‘s fragrances were going to be shy. Truly, there’s nothing ‘quiet’ about them. BOADICEA_GOLD

And ah, the bottles – each with an intricately-engraved metal ‘shield’ and a gold cap, protecting the precious scents inside… In the few years since Boadicea the Victorious burst onto the perfume scene with its wonderfully shareable fragrances, it has conquered more than a few hearts.

Created by British artisans, celebrating home-grown craftsmanship, Boadicea the Victorious is a ‘shareable’ brand which fuses tradition, heritage and timeless classic luxury – giving it an edgy, modern twist.

And when it comes to sharing the legend of this new brand, we really can’t conjure up the spirit of Boadicea – the woman, and the perfume line – better than they do themselves, frankly. So here goes: ‘Through the morning mist, the blast of a horn heralds the start of battle. The leader of the troops is a powerful warrior queen, golden torques twisted about her neck. Her tawny hair flies in the wind as her chariot rumbles forth, and sword raised, she lifts her voice in a battle cry to muster the army. Her courage is unflinching.

‘This is Boadicea – Britain’s archetypical warrior queen: she shaped the mould that later inspired rulers such as Elizabeth and Victoria when carving out the contours of the Kingdom and Empire. Her ferocity and bravery still inspire, and continue to inform our concept of feminine valour. Boadicea’s iconic ferocity, passion and strength are the very principles that motivate and drive the luxury brand which bears her name.’

btvfc_fire_bottle_collection_400x300__03692-1459463534-300-400As anyone who remembers Queen Boadicea from history lessons will remember (we do, we do!), this brave Iceni warrior queen fought to liberate the city of London from Roman occupation.

The Fire Collection (left), with its striking gilded bottles, is inspired by the flame-coloured hair of Queen Boadicea herself – designed to ‘surprise and excite, with scents ranging from determined to persuasive’, glorying in names like AmbitiousExalt, Hero, Consort, Empire and Notorious.

Boadicea the Victorious took to the streets, meanwhile, for the Gold Collection, named after some very famous places, including Kings Road, Bayswater, Notting Hill, Piccadilly and Mayfair. Airier and lighter than some of the other collections, these still feature stunning shields – gold, this time (hence the name), on creamy glass flacons.

And inside? Mayfair has an animalic edge: amber, civet and vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood and cedarwood flowing smoothly in, as the birch, leather and oudh heart subsides. (At first whiff, enjoy a touch of beeswax and hints of cardamom and clove.) As The Women’s Room blog comments, ‘All the smells are interesting and have a bold, captivating uniqueness that makes them quite different from other smells.’

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 17.28.30And Greenwich, famous for its maritime history, has an aquatic edge – but of course, with a Boadicea twist: elements of bergamot, coriander, black pepper, juniper, saffron and clary sage, alongside magnolia, cinnamon and geranium, garlanded with rose. And in the base, really smouldering notes of patchouli, vetiver, agarwood (oudh), leather, musk and amber…

We think that perfumer Christian Provenzano, who has created several Boadicea the Victorious perfumes, beautifully summed up the perfume house in an interview he gave. ‘The Boadicea style has a unique signature. Amazing and unforgettable fragrances, stylish packaging, highly concentrated perfumes. Once you’ve had a sniff of a Boadicea fragrance, you will feel like you want to try more!’ As he adds, ‘the delight of working with Boadicea is that I am totally free to create anything I want… Another delight is no cost restrictions on the fragrances, which allows me to use the best quality ingredients.’

And as a result? Boadicea the Victorious is conquering perfume connoisseurs’ hearts, all over the world…



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