Blood Concept

No question: Blood Concept is one of the more unusual fragrance houses out there right now.

With ‘blood type diets’ being quite the thing, this takes the notion of individuality one stage further. Giovanni Castelli (former fashion designer and a photographer) and Antonio Zuddas (a copywriter), from Italy, launched their revolutionary collection of perfumes with a quartet of four unique fragrances, one for each blood group. So you’ve A. And B. And O. And AB. And compelling they are, too.

So can we suggest you set any prejudices aside, here…? And stay with us.

As the Blood Concept creators told The Perfume Society, ‘As perfume creators we’re intrigued by the fact that the scent you wear can reveal Freudian clues about you. Your smell is about instinct, identity, personality. That’s why we chose blood as the subject of our concept, because like scent, it reveals information about you as a human being. Our concept is about declaring one’s identity and celebrating our relationship with Nature.’

And here’s the thing: Blood Concept fragrances don’t really smell like blood. But the founders explain, ‘Each does have a lingering metallic end note: something that makes them recognisable and binds them together: a sort of trademark.’

Each of the fragrances was actually created to represent a phase of mankind’s evolution. So type O is animalic: the whiff of a cave, after a successful hunt, with leathery notes evoking animal skins, and aromatic hints of cypress, cedar and thyme, for depth. Type A captures all kinds of greenness, bursting through the earth: hints of tomato leaf and anise: ‘A mystic ritual with no flowers to be found’, as they put it. (Or as the Cafleurebon website describes it, ‘The sweat of the farmer toiling in the fields and the whiff of blood put into every turn of the plough…’)

B, meanwhile, is a fusion of easy-to-wear notes including apple, cherry, with a rich black tea accord underpinned by patchouli and cedarwood. As for AB, to quote Cafleurebon, ‘I was rewarded with something quite amazingly different in a fragrance. Type AB is all about the cold, sharp angles of a modern metropolis.’ So you’ve aldehydes, ‘sharp as glass’. Slate, and pebbles, giving that so familiar scent of concrete after the rain. And in the base, cedar – and a blood accord.

As Giovanni and Antonio told Fragrantica, ‘Every fragrance composition is a mix of relevant elements of the era in which every blood type came out. O is the first blood type, the oldest one, so it has to be deep, strong, like first human beings. Then comes A, when people started to eat vegetables and get more sedentary. Then B, when people started to travel and mix habits and foods. The youngest type is AB, born when people started to mix themselves with different blood types (A+B).’

After the sleekly-packaged original collection – which had the blogosphere abuzz – came the Black Collection: same ‘concept’, but expressed using mysterious and deep notes which, as they explain, ‘are created to bring darkness under a spotlight, new roles of seduction, increase sexual healing and need for power.’

The ‘Specials‘ range they describe as an ‘off-shoot project of Blood Concept, born with the aim of overcoming barriers.’ So you find +MA, with its white and silver packaging: ‘Clean and white, like a comfortable limbo. The secret place, a safe embrace.’ And RED+MA, ‘a stolen kiss in a forbidden dream’.

The springboard for the whole collection is that fragrance should suit the wearer, in a deep way. And despite the daring – maybe even shocking – name, there actually turn out to be no rules, with Blood Concept. No need literally to choose the one which matches the blood group on your medical records; you’re encouraged to test them all and choose whatever suits, regardless of your blood type. 

And we’ve had an intriguing – and surprising – time, doing just that. With not a drop spilled, on the way…


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