Avery Perfume Gallery boutiques celebrate perfume as an art form, curating an incredible collection of hard-to-find fine perfumery from niche brands around the world – including their own collection of five scents, each one given a letter of the name: A – V – E – R and Y.

Within their scent destinations and in-store spaces the perfumes are surrounded by covetable design objects, reflecting the status of those fragrances as part of their so-sleek design aesthetic. They have become scent destinations for perfume-lovers in many different countries, from Italy to the UK and America – but more recently set out to create their very own fragrances

The the idea for the project was to reflect the ‘…visual identity of the five perfumes in line with the Avery spaces using contemporary and refined visual codes.’ But you certainly don’t have to be a design specialist or art expert to appreciate the splendour of these scents…

The Avery Collection perfumes, devised by Avery’s multi-talented founder Celso Fadelli, were created with the exacting standards of niche perfumery enthusiasts in mind. And so, ‘the five different olfactory itineraries have been unconsciously guided by customers of Avery London.’ Fascinatingly, the ingredients were selected following a testing of various notes (undisclosed, so people were going with their hearts rather than their heads) in Mayfair’s stunning Avery Row boutique (below) – a ‘blind smelling’ exercise which led to two years of work to then develop these favourite ingredients in to the finished fragrances…

A softly blends lemon and lime with the comforting drift of gentle incense and black pepper, slowly melding to a blissful base of white musk and vanilla. V invigorates with vibrant blackcurrant, peach and grapefruit with intoxicating heliotrope and jasmine spiced by coriander, deepening to a dry-down of patchouli, cedar wood and benzoin.

E – which we showcase in The Perfume Society‘s Velvet Collection Discovery Box –fuses the succulent red fruit of strawberries and plums, a bouquet of iris, freesia, jasmine and rose encased in a velvety smooth base of leather, tonka bean and cedar wood. R celebrates the beauty of a retro-style eau de cologne, a marine accord merging with mandarin, peppermint, white sage, basil and oregano and a calming base of sandalwood, oak musk and fir balsam. Y, meanwhile, is joyfully intriguing, saffron and coffee sprinkled with rose petals, lily of the valley and geranium on a dark woody base of agarwood, myrrh, sandalwood, guaiac wood and cedar.

Of course you’d suppose that such a design-led brand would want beautiful bottles, too – and the Avery Perfume collection flacons meet those expectations. Elegant black bottles are marked by a copper-coloured tag denoting the letter corresponding with the fragrance’s name, matching the copper collar of the bottle’s neck; small enough to be easily portable but still perfectly balanced and pleasing to hold, these are definitely dressing-table worthy to display, and then carry with you wherever you travel.

Avery Perfume Collection os  available exclusively in the Galleries in London, Milan (Corso Como and Excelsior), Florence, Modena and New Orleans. But wherever you find them, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with at least one of these ‘volumes’… We wonder, which will be your favourite letter?



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