Digital Scent Festival explores senses online

A six-week long celebration of scent and the senses, the Digital Scent Festival is bringing the world of fragrance online in very exciting ways…

A co-production between Yosh Han of Eau de Yosh, and Aroma Village – an international collective of independent perfumers and artists – they are offering a ‘…rockstar list of olfactive talent’ with a number of  ‘illuminating conversations with VIP access from the comfort of your own personal device.



Digital Scent Festival was born out of a need to connect during the pandemic and create a space where our noses remain curious and active. We will broadcast a limited series of events and encourage soulful connections through olfactive unity.’ The events are split into two main arenas, with new guests and events being added all the time (so keep an eye on their Facebook Page for the latest news!)



  • Tuesdays on Instagram (follow the Instagram accounts to be alerted when they go live)

May 19 – Scent + Au Courant 4pm BST @wewearperfumes

May 19 – Scent + Gold Country Hydrosols @mikmoisf with fre(hens)

May 19 – Scent + Botanicals  @laromatica + @firnfragrance

May 26 – Scent + Transformation @jazmin saraï + sanae intoxicants

May 26 – Scent + Plant Queendom @ayalamoriel + @velvetandsweetpeaspurrfumery

May 26 – Scent + Wisdom @hopegillerman + @ixchelleigh


  • Thursdays on zoom with panel discussions (register on Eventbrite to receive a direct link):

May 14 – Scent + Manufacturing
Sarah Horowitz – Sarah Horowitz Parfums
Danielle Fleming – Olfactif & Noteology
Travis McIntosh – Scent Trunk & Perfumer’s Apprentice

May 21 –  Indie to Industry
Miriam L VareldzisPalette Naturals
Olivia Jan – Fragrance with Benefits
Antonia Kohl – Ministry of Scent & Tigerlily

May 21 –  Scent + Alchemy + Cacao Ceremony
The Metamorfosis
Mooncloth Designs
Cacao Laboratory

May 28 – Scent + Future 
Olivia Jezler The Future of Smell
Celestine Johnson – Boom Capital
Caro Verbeek
Christophe Laudamiel – Dream Air
Rachelle Ornan – aerospace designer

May 31 Scent + Startups
A juried micro pitchfest within a festival – 7 brands will share their narrative in front of judges (including our dear friends Amanda Carr & Tamara Fulton from We Wear Perfume!)  Ilk Perfume, Lee Cuthbert, Scent U/X, Maya Njie, Aquilouds, Florescent, Coalition of Sustainable Perfumery

May 31 Closing Ceremony
Group Virtual Scent

Yosh describes the virtual coming-together as a way ‘…to bring insight and awareness to complementary subjects relating to scent from their unique perspectives,’ adding that ‘In addition to being professional Noses, our mult-faceted perfumers are musicians, designers, architects, writers, healers, herbalists, aromatherapists, yoga teachers, TV producers, manufacturers and teachers.’

What intially caught our interest was seeing their Scent + Music event advertised on Instagram. Something is clearly in the air (and we’re on the same wavelength) as we were just putting the finishing touches to our (now just-published) Music & Perfume edition of The Scented Letter Magazine!

As we so wanted to share their event with you, Yosh very kindly recorded the Scent + Music session especially for The Perfume Society – which you can watch in full below; and has since gone on to create a YouTube Channel where future events will also be uploaded to watch whenever you wish: a case of see you now and smell you later…



With the Music & Fragrance edition of The Scented Letter magazine hot off the press, we’re really feeling the harmony right now – click the link to get your glossy print edition. VIP Club members, meanwhile, can download or read their digital edition online, absolutely free. International Digital Subscriptions are also available, so never fear if you’re overseas!


What a wonderfully creative  coming-together this is, and bringing a real sense of community in these strange times, when perhaps we have felt most alone. Do check out our regular Instagram Live sessions, too – a weekly event we’ve been enjoying doing since the week after #Lockdown first began.

The feedback, and continuing enthusiasm for all these kinds of virtual get-togethers, really shows how deeply fragrance and smell can touch us, no matter where we are in the world… Long may the innovation continue!

By Suzy Nightingale


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