Contender for sexiest bottle of the year (and wait till you smell what’s inside)

Are you one of the many NARCISO fans out there? We suggest you make a little space on your dressing table for this beauty: a stunning eau de toilette version of a fragrance that’s become a true modern classic.

Actually, we suggest you make a space right in the centre – because this is a bottle worth showcasing: a transparent cube, with an inky black almost heart-shaped oval inner core. (It’s a graphic contrast to the bottle for the original NARCISO, which was milky white.)

As utterly feminine as you’d expect from the designer – who you can read more about here – this just-launched latest opens magnetically with bright notes of Bulgarian rose as the overture to its white floralcy. But what the much-loved NARCISO also has going for it is the intrigue in the base – and here, alongside black and white notes of cedar, there’s a cool, equally woodsy note of vetiver: a poised juxtaposition.

The bonus? That black glass will help protect the precious ‘juice’ from its No.1 enemy: sunlight.

NARCISO eau de toilette from £35 for 30ml eau de toilette
Buy it at John Lewis

Illustration by Rebecca Gibson Illustration – look out for her work in the upcoming ‘Wanderlust’ edition of our award-winning online magazine The Scented Letter

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