Christmas with Evan Rachel Wood – Gucci

Tell us about your most memorable Christmas?
My most memorable Christmas would probably be the first Christmas I spent with my son. I think part of the magic of having kids and holidays is you get to relive the magic you felt when you were a kid through them. I am very excited for many more years to look forward too.

What smell most reminds you of Christmas?
Definitely the Christmas tree, the pine needles, cinnamon and the smell of things baking. All of those fused together is just heaven. I just love the smell of Christmas.

What is your earliest memory of Christmas?
I was around 4-years-old and I was convinced that I saw Santa’s beard hanging over the side of the roof and that he was waiting for me to go to sleep. My parents convinced me that he was hanging out on the roof waiting for me to pass out and so I ran upstairs and went to bed. I can still see the beard so vividly in my mind and that’s what is really strange about the whole memory of it.

What is the best Christmas gift you have ever been given?
Someone made me a really amazing photo-book one year. We were taking pictures all year together and they surprised me and had made this incredible, professional photo-book. So much time went into it and I really love gifts that people make.

Where do you plan on spending Christmas this year?
I always love going to New York for Christmas. I love that the city is all lit up and it is cold. Anything that reminds me off Home Alone will do it.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
When I was a kid I would wake up before everyone else and sneak downstairs and look at the presents. I would always fall asleep as a kid and wake up in the middle of the night and think I will catch Santa and every year he always came before. So I would come running downstairs and all the presents would be there and I would just sit and look at them and wait and then run back upstairs and try to go back to sleep. I still do that every year.

Do you have a favorite holiday song or film?
My favorite holiday song is Oh Holy Night, as for my favorite holiday films– I love Home Alone and also Christmas Vacation. I have to watch those ever year and the Grinch.

The holidays are a time for celebration.  Do you plan on having any holiday parties? If so, how do you like to prepare?
Every year, I have a Christmas moustache party. Everyone comes over to my house and I have a table full of every kind of moustache you could imagine and you are not allowed to come in to the party without one on. I prepare for it by going to costume shops and I clean them out off moustaches. It is pretty funny, everyone has to play holiday games and run around wearing moustaches all night. It is hilarious.

What are your TOP 3 gift recommendations for Christmas this year? (Gucci Guilty pour Femme being one of them)
I would definitely recommend the Gucci Guilty Diamond Edition perfume. I always think perfume or a scent is a great gift as it is something that is very beautiful and elegant. It is also very personal because your smell becomes a part of you and your identity. It is how people remember you and what they associate with you. I also love handmade things and when people make me a gift or get me a funny gift or something off the beaten path. Anything to do with music is always great.

What is your favorite part about buying gifts for others?
I feel like I am a good gift giver. I usually start preparing really early in the year where I will have a note in my phone and where I will just be walking around going about my day and see something and think that will be a really good Christmas gift and I put it in the note. People always ask me how I always have the perfect gift for people and it is because I put a lot of preparation into it.

Like the Gucci Guilty pour Femme bottle, gold is inherently festive. How does gold play a part in your holiday festivities? (festive décor, beauty/fashion inspiration, etc.)
I really get into the spirit of Christmas. I dress up Christmas-y and, honestly gold is always kind of a part of any outfit I wear over the holidays. It especially plays a part in my eye make-up. I am usually always in a red lip and I put the gold on my eyes for Christmas.

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