Watch Kate Moss in the just-launched film for Charlotte Tilbury's Scent of a Dream

It’s great when your mates help you get a venture off the ground, isn’t it?
Oh, if we all had Kate Moss in our inner circle, on speed-dial…
But basically, who else was Charlotte Tilbury going to call to be the ‘face’ of her new fragrance?
We’re delighted to unveil the film they made together today – which also marks the release of Scent of a Dream via her website – and invite you to watch Kate dancing her sequins off and knocking dead a room full of admirers, seeking to convey the otherworldliness of Charlotte’s debut scent: a ‘fleurotic’ (as in ‘sexy flowers’) Chypre-floral, fusing pepper, frankincense, violet, tuberose, jasmine, patchouli, lemon, peach and a bunch of the best-known synthetics, in the base (Iso E Super, Hedione and Ambroxan…)

Scent of a Dream from £49 for 30ml
Buy it at Charlotte Tilbury

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