C’mon baby light my fire… five candles we covet

We’re blessed with a bounty of heavenly fragranced candles, lately; the quality and longevity of the scents vastly improved from days of yore when ghastly, migraine-inducing, cheap-smelling scents ruled the market. Nowadays perfume junkies want their fix in wax form, too; scenting their spaces as carefully as they choose their eau de parfums. Indeed, we devoted a section of our Christmas edition of The Scented Letter magazine to the trend in high quality candles aimed at the discerning male fragrance market – a trend we’ve tongue-in-cheekily termed ‘Mandles’. But we couldn’t leave it there – these are some that weren’t launched at the time of going to press, or didn’t quite fit the pages (we honestly could have devoted an entire issue to them!) but which we love equally and wanted to share with you, here, for candle-lovers of every persuasion.

(NB: I desperately wanted to choose one less candle and present a punning headline based around The Two Ronnies classic ‘Four Candles (fork handles)’ sketch, but there are just too many gorgeous ones to choose from this year, and thus the idea withered on the vine.)


beaufort-london-artisan-candle-500x500We fell in love their stirring tales of derring-do before they even launched, and proudly watched them bloom with the controversial Come Hell or High Water trilogy of fragrances. The Night Watch candle collection focuses on those shadowy flickerings of restless imagination that fill the darkness, featuring the same notes as their trio of eau de parfums. Hand-poured in small batches these scents are opulently vast, filling entire rooms with their intriguing, addictive aromas. East India is redolent of trading ships and their precious cargo, spice routes ruthlessly explored, illicit Dickensian opium dens, black tea leaves and boozily infused dried fruits.

Deliciously wicked, they burn for 40 hours plus – more than enough time to succumb…

BeauFort London East India, £39
At BeauFort London

Ancienne Ambience Candle
Eco-friendly and decadence haven’t always gone hand in glove, but the historically influenced London-based house of Ancienne Ambience earned a mark of ‘positive living’ from Positive Luxury, which recognises the use of organic ingredients, recyclable packaging, paraben-free products and sustainable practices. Using a blend of beeswax and vegetable wax, the fragrances are derived from certified organic plant oils supplied by their French perfumiers, while each candle is hand-poured in Britain using traditional techniques. Each year they include some limited edition candles, and this season’s offering is richly smooth, taking sandalwood to new levels of luxury that lasts all day.

Ancienne Ambience Sandalum, candles from £36
At Ancienne Ambience

Vaxthuset candle
Ah the scent of juniper – happy memories of gin-sipping Summer days, and yet so perfect for the festive season, too. Their slightly peppery bitterness adds just the right depth to the raspberry blossom and woody bamboo of the heart notes. Tree moss, cypress and fir balsam add the sensation of walking through a Winter forest – and perhaps indulging in some sloe gin by the fireside afterwards? Oh go on, then. All inspired by places in or around & Other Stories’ various ateliers in Paris and Stockholm, the Swedish ‘Vӓxthuset’ is apparently named after a beautiful and serene greenhouse in the area. And goodness knows we could all do with some serenity at this time of year.

& Other Stories Växthuset, £19
At & Other Stories

Parfums de Marly candleRecreating the concept of the Royal ‘Perfumed Court’ the French house of Parfums de Marly win definite points for not only scenting the air with full-on balsamically rich but elegantly smouldering vetiver; but featuring a pure cedar and balsa wood wick that crackles away cosily to suggest sitting by the fireside and watching the logs burn low. A really unusual effect we’ve never seen before, the sumptuous packaging is certainly fit for royalty, too. One to savour on the coldest nights when the wind whistles and joy can be found in the heart of a gorgeously scented flickering flame.

Parfums de Marly Smoky Vetyver, £75
At Harrods

Clementine & Prosecco glass candle
Now here’s an idea we can get behind – a Prosecco candle! Top marks for originality, and here’s a definite ‘fizziness’ to the scent somehow, which is pretty ingenious. This is the best kind of Christmas soiree in a glass – a sophisticated blend of juicy clementine, sparkling wine, yellow apple and pear, with middle notes of apricot, peach, plum and a base of delicately sugar-dusted dry fruits. Made of soy wax, which burns cleanly without soot stains, this is a great gift for those party-loving friends who perhaps could do with fizzy boots of the non-alcoholic variety to see them through the month of fun…

Heyland & Whittle Clementine & Prosecco, £22
At Heyland & Whittle

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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