Buy now, ‘borrow’ later: 7 scents to share this Valentine’s Day…

We’ve all been there. A hopeful paramour gurning with barely repressed expectation as they present you with a badly-chosen fragrance, in to which exactly zero amount of thought has gone. ‘Here,’ they seem to say, ‘is a socially acceptable gift I chose because it was closest to the door of the first shop I happened to stumble in to. You may now proceed with adoring me.’

Clearly, these types haven’t bothered to ask the advice of our clever FR.eD, who will give you several scent suggestions based on a perfume you already know you (or your partner) loves, in the blink of an eye – always a helpful starting point!

Now, with so many ‘shareable’, ‘unisex’ or ‘genderless’ fragrances on the shelves, we feel the time is ripe for truly taking advantage of the adage ‘what’s mine is yours, darling.’ Buying a fragrance that both of you could swoon over is a win-win situation. And if you happen to heart it more than the recipient? Well, it’s the thought that counts…

Crisply refined gin cocktail on a pleasingly debauched base of black cherry, soft leather, crytalised brown sugar and exotic amber. To be splashed with abandon and relished at leisure…

Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling £58 for 30ml eau de toilette
At Penhaligon’s

Warm skin, cool marble, salty violets and soft musk. Intriguingly juxtaposed notes inspired by the couture house and definitely to be enjoyed on either sex…

Alaïa Paris £42 for 30ml eau de parfum
At Debenhams

Vanilla pipe tobacco, leather-bound books, a pool of ink, spiced rum and a mysterious bundle of eyebrow-raising, achingly poignant love-letters discovered in a dusty drawer…

BeauFort London Coeur de Noir £95 for 50ml eau de parfum
At BeauFort London

A tingle of pepper giving way to rose petals bathed in almond milk, rolled in fresh spices, dressed in leather and bedecked by cardamom. To be worn by the power behind the throne (whoever that might be)…

Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur £175 for 60ml eau de parfum
At Roullier White

Enticingly addictive from the get-go – orchid, fig, smoked amber and resinous patchouli prevent creamy vanilla beans  entirely stealing the limelight. Have him dipped in custard and sent to our room…

Agonist Vanilla Marble £98 for 50ml eau de parfum
At Avery Perfume Gallery (Pssst! Or try in our Scent with Love Discovery Box…)

08-04-2015_aesop_marrakechintense_dlxThe interplay of intoxicatingly woody rose (thorns and all) with divinely animalistic elements and a soaring trail of dry spices reels us in for a journey we enjoy every time…

Aesop Marrakech Intense £53 for 50ml eau de toilette
At Aesop

A brew for two – black tea infused with apple and bergamot to be nuzzled on the neck of your lover as you bring them breakfast in bed. A scented love poem from the founder to his wife: beat that, garage-forecourt rose-bearing wannabes…

Vilhelm Parfumerie Dear Polly £145 for 100ml eau de parfum
At Liberty

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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