Bulgari’s Aqua Divina joins Aqua Amara for a warm dip in fragrant waters…

Bulgari invite you to dive in to Aqua Divina, their latest female fragrance which they describe as being a solar floral with aquatic notes to tempt you further into the deep warm waters this summer…

Bulgari say: ‘A solar eau de toilette, graced with the most sun-kissed wonders of the Mediterranean.

BVLGARI AQVA DIVINA captures the dazzling freshness of bergamot, the gracefulness of magnolia and the voluptuousness of amber.’

Top notes: salty bergamot, pink ginger
Heart notes: magnolia, sunlit quince
Base notes: beeswax, nude amber

A welcome addition to the rather delicious male version – Aqua Amara – which many fans will be relieved to hear has been re-released to join the fragrant family – we’re noticing a trend for salty-themed florals (and beeswax!) this spring/summer, and it’s a welcome relief for those of you who aren’t generally fans of the more traditional über-sweet florals we always used to see this time of year.

If still waters run deep, we can’t wait to dive in to this fragrant duo…
Bulgari Aqua Divina,  £63 for 40ml eau de toilette
Bulgari Aqua Amara, £52 for 50ml eau de toilette
Buy them at House of Fraser

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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