Bite-size treats with Prada Candy Kiss

There’s something about a miniature bottle of perfume that sends even the most staunchly sensible of women into paroxysms of squealing delight. Well, dinky-sizes of scent do that to us, we’re willing to admit, and hope you can put your hands up, too…

Step forward a trio of trinkets from the world of Prada Candy, with three pocket-sized versions of their gourmet treats with which to tempt you.

Prada Candy Kiss is a limited edition release of miniature takes on the Prada Candy theme – a collaboration with graphic artist Vahram Muratyan whose acclaimed book, Paris versus New York, represented ‘…the quintessential and the quixotic from the two mythical cities, and contrasted them with a unique visual wit.’

Each of the Prada Candy Kiss bottles are perfectly proportioned for stashing in your bag for a secret sweet spritz throughout the day, and being only 20ml are also great on-the-go travel-sizes for holidays, without worrying about prohibitive airline restrictions…

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum:
‘An indulgent sophisticated edible, that is confident and confidently seductive; a walk on the wild side.’

Prada Candy L’Eau:
‘Zestful, enigmatic, an optimistic and elegant eau standing tall on a floral-Ambrée.’

Prada Candy Florale:
‘Soft and airy insouciance, balanced with an adventurous, sparkling white floral that leads into a rare sensuality of warm powder notes.’

We’re all for fun-size fragrances to squeal over with abandon. Sometimes small really is beautiful…

Prada Candy Kiss: £29 for 20ml
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